The Project:

Sanderson – J D Wetherspoons – New Structure / Extensions demolition and site clearance structural works.

Swift Groundworks undertook demolition works, site clearance and groundworks for a new structure extension for JD Wetherspoons.  

Completing the foundations started with excavation works to reduce the levels for the new pad, stripping the foundations and column bases for steelwork and laying new concrete strip foundations.  The pad foundations were formed from mass concrete pads, reinforcement mesh and with column encasements and backfiling. 

Cavity Walls Below DPC
Engineering brickwork and blockwork completed for new cavity walls including mass concrete fill and cavity ties.

Floor Slab and Screed (New structural slab throughout)
Floor excavations were carried out to reduce levels initially, then filled to make up new levels for flooring screed including 100mm thick rigid floor insulation board. Finished with new reinforced concrete slab.

Demolition and Alterations
External site demolitions and alterations including the break out of existing tarmac surfacing, removing 150mm thick topsoil/grassed areas and removal of existing trees and grubbing up roots and excavation of the beer garden to reduce levels.